We are currently working at capacity and will not be able to take on any new clients until August/September 2021. If you would like to talk to us about working with you when we are no longer fully booked, please contact us.

Virtual CTO services for positive impact start-ups

Technical leadership and business design as a service

Specialists in the creation, design and build of innovative technology-led businesses, products & services. We are expert at helping start-ups discover, validate, evolve, accelerate, scale and deliver. Whatever your issue, we can help. Just get in touch!


Identify business opportunities​ and create a business model that is feasible, viable and sustainable.


Understand the needs, wants and cares of your customers. Deliver real value that they can understand.


Find the perfect niche that wants what you are offering and will help you make it even better​.


Take the learning from your niche and discover new opportunities for expansion. Build the snowball.


Fine-tune your customer engine for better acquisition and retention of revenue. Create the infrastructure to cope with success.


Build experiments, prototypes and Minimum Viable Products that excite your customers and generate revenue.